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Henry Olonga – Big Guitar Amp for Nebula 192 khz Community Edition

GET THE AMP HERE  YESS IT’S FREEE And the PDF HERE This is not using my normal host Amazon so if the downloads are unreliable – sorry but I cannot do anything about that. If this library is useful to you perhaps you can consider making a small Donation to cover my bandwidth costs. Part […]

Amps Bundle – Up to 384khz – Impulse Responses only Community edition

This is a bundle of the Nebula amps that I have produced over the years as impulse responses in WAV format as well as some new DXD originated new amp models in WAV format only. It is now a community edition!!!!!!! Enjoy and make some good music!!!! You can get the Impulse responses HERE Here […]

Henry Olonga – Beautiful room impulse responses 192 khz FREE!!!!

Sampled at 96 khz with Prismsound Orpheus conversion and high quality short gold tipped cables. 117 MB. About 75 files in this package with Mic models and drum specific presets.  Available in three sample rates. 192 kHz, 96 kHz and 44.1 khz.  PLEASE ONLY ADD CART TO MAKE A DONATION.  Yes it really is free but it would […]

Henry Olonga – ALL Nebula Products – Program UPDATES

Get the latest Emulation Preset List  Many new products have been added so please look at the recent added products tab to keep up. Vector file updates. Once in a while a file that has a problem is highlighted  and requires fixing of the large vectors. They will be linked below. . Please download this […]