Henry Olonga – ALL Nebula Products – Program UPDATES


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Get the latest Emulation Preset List  Many new products have been added so please look at the recent added products tab to keep up.

Vector file updates. Once in a while a file that has a problem is highlighted  and requires fixing of the large vectors. They will be linked below.

http://www.nebulapresets.com/Porta_Pre_Vectors_Update.zip . Please download this phase bug fix for the Porta pre.    

http://www.nebulapresets.com/Henry_Olonga_670_Mojo_FIX.zip . Please download this if you purchased the 670 Mojo Stereo PRO and the 1st preset doesn’t load.

Please refer to your original e-mail for file credentials. Password is the same.

Program file updates

These are the missing Open Diffuse Programs for AIR programs and Vectors in the All you can Eat bundles



Please report any issues with files that you use. There are thousands of them and I do miss the odd thing here and there. Most of these updates contain recalibration and the addition of the G-drive slider which makes it a walk in the park to find the sweet spot of the sampling. It has a 60 DB range ( +30 to -30 DBs ) that allows you to add or take gain away in the internal engine of Nebula allowing you to tailor saturation versus a cleaner signal. This is a long overdue addition and will certainly add to your enjoyment of Nebula.

Please note that these require a fully licensed Nebula Pro license to enjoy. The file will be incrementaly updated as I go along so it will grow with time.

These updates are intended to replace the old files so overight them. There is a slightly different calibration so it will sound differnet. If you cannot affor a change in sound please commit the sound by bouncing down. I must say thought that the G-drive updates will make your mixing even easier now so it is highly recommended.

All program updates are in this file HERE 

SPECIAL Mention for Phender Musthang 44.1 kHz presets – HERE is a program update but note that the vector for the smooth presets also requires fixing which will be determined on a future date.


Updated so far are the following libraries,
Big Guitar Amp
NV Smooth Electric – 192 khz
NV Vocality – 192 khz
Quick Kick 192/96khz
Small Phender Amp
Tiny Guitar amp
Tape Sim – All sample rates


NB: If you updated in Early January please delete them and restore the originals. I will be recallibrating them all again. Of course if you are happy then carry on………..nothing to see here he he he