Refund Policy

Digital download products cannot simply be returned as one can with physical products. Therefore, if you purchase our digital content you cannot withdraw once links arrive in your e-mail ( including any spam filter folders ) or downloading has started. By purchasing from this website you are giving your consent and acknowledgement that you will forfeit your right of withdrawal once links are received or downloading has started. If you have not been given active links to download you can exercise your right to withdraw and receive a FULL refund. However once links are received in your e-mail inbox, as there is no way for our website to prevent access to the content for five days, you cannot make a request for a withdrawal or refund then. If you change your mind about your purchase, please send an e-mail immediately in order to prevent links from being sent. The support e-mail is sales @ – without any gaps. By purchasing from our store you are agreeing to this policy.

If you are unhappy with your purchase and attempts to resolve any dispute with HKO Rights have failed you can appeal to higher authority here

This document was last updated onĀ 06-09-2017