End User License Agreement

This governs all libraries. This updated EULA supersedes all previous ones.

Hello friend and thanks for taking the time to check out this library. I hope it will bring you great pleasure and will add to your sonic toolset.

If you are listening to the free demos I release for evaluation, I hope you will be convinced at the wonderful transparency,resolution and sonic signature that Nebula libraries can bring.

A lot of work goes into the creation of these high quality emulations so please respect the work. Purchasing the software allows the developer ( fancy way of saying ME!!!) to continue to provide high resolution files to improve the ‘in the box mixing’ experience. If you nicked this package without paying for it – well – may your conscience bug you into doing the right


Now down to business.

The end user license agreement is not burdensome but just so it is clearly understood;

This Bundle library is licensed to you for the mixing of Audio in music, video and other other multi-media productions. This is to the exclusion of all other uses. So if you are not in music production you do not have permission to offload these files or use them in any way that is non music production. You must delete them and return any media at your cost for a refund. A restocking fee of half the value will be charged. Any non-music income generated through the purchase or use of these files will be deemed to be unlawful and it is agreed that there shall pass to Henry Olonga, the creator of the files, a 100 % royalty on income generated. Provided you agree to the above conditions. You can use it on as many computers as you like, in your own studio. I don’t care – just as long as you, the purchaser are using them on YOUR own computers. Again, your OWN computers. So this is what you cannot do. Say you say to yourself, ‘I share my studio with four other geezers, they all have their own computers and I will just buy one copy and share it with them’. Tut,tut,tut. You keep that up then I go out of business and you lose out in the long run.

Please do not upload the libraries to online file-sharing sites. I am sure that it’s almost impossible to stop but in the long run the customer loses out. You cannot re-release this in another library claiming you made it. That would be well…….plagiarism and it ain’t cool. You cannot bundle this library – even the free versions of the software in any promo material without asking.

Please don’t dish out copies to your friends, family, dog, wife or anyone else you fancy. I know you like them and all but why not recommend the products you love instead.

This library is compatible with Nebula Pro. If you are so skint that you can’t afford the measly amount charged for to use the pro version, boy I need to pray for you.Drop me an e-mail if you really are struggling financially and would still like to afford my libraries.

Also, sorry but compatibility is not guaranteed with the free version of Nebula.

God bless and stay well. Mix well and let me know what else you would like to get emulated.

Copyright 2015 Henry Olonga. All Rights Reserved. . An HKO Rights Ltd division