Henry Olonga – Beautiful room impulse responses 192 khz FREE!!!!


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Sampled at 96 khz with Prismsound Orpheus conversion and high quality short gold tipped cables. 117 MB. About 75 files in this package with Mic models and drum specific presets.  Available in three sample rates. 192 kHz, 96 kHz and 44.1 khz.

 PLEASE ONLY ADD CART TO MAKE A DONATION.  Yes it really is free but it would be nice if you donate something for my efforts and to help to pay for Bandwidth.

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This is an Emulation of a classic sound that I have had in my mind to do for a long time. With my failure at faithfully emulating the Bricasti M7 due to technical difficulties that were impossible to circumvent I have made this library to fill the gap. This library is completely unrelated to the M7 project and was conceived using many multiple state of the art emulation techniques. This called on all my abilities to think outside the box. Absolutely superb on drums when blended in just right. Amazing on guitars and even vocals. Gives the sense of a real live room. A lot of money gets spent to get  sonics as beautiful as this.  Now you can record everything dry and use this library to add incredible depth. Works well with the bugs series of Nebula presets and anything else going for a classic feel. Use a bit of EQ on the FX Send to sculpt the tone of the room – most Convolution reverbs have an EQ built in. Most of the time shaving off a bit of top end sounds more natural.

This library is compatible with any Convolution reverb that can Handle 32 bit wav files up to 192 khz.

They are not perfect but can add just the right amount of air to give your tracks life when blended in gently. It may sound a tad metallic if you have too many but get the balance right and it can be magic.







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