Amps Bundle – Up to 384khz – Impulse Responses only Community edition


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This is a bundle of the Nebula amps that I have produced over the years as impulse responses in WAV format as well as some new DXD originated new amp models in WAV format only. It is now a community edition!!!!!!! Enjoy and make some good music!!!!

You can get the Impulse responses HERE

Here is a PDF of the Impulse Responses manual.

Demos below made by my good friend Gabriel Scruff using the Nebula versions of the amps

[rave player=GabrielGuitars]


This is part of the Ultra high resolution series beginning in 2015. If you haven’t got Nebula and just want very high resolution Amp models, then this is for you. Bringing together the most cost effective way to get my Amp based samplings. . Impulse responses are in 384 khz for a few products and 192 khz for most.  ZIP FILE SIZE is aproximately 400 MBs.

All libraries are sampled using high quality techniques. In this case, DXD and the pedigree of Prismsound Orpheus conversion were both employed. Beautiful recording chains that give you the sense of being there.

System Requirements to enjoy the whole set

For the impulse responses,about 400 MB free hard disk space .

Modern OS

Modern CPU.

A convolution reverb plugin that can load standard wav files. I work with and highly

recommend Cakewalk’s Perfect space to load 64 bit files.

INSTALLATION: PC and MAC; Copy and paste folders into their respective folders

according to plugin manufacturers instructions.


Convolution IR libraries

Sampling process.


Now there may be some of you tempted to think that the sampling process is a simple one to make impulse responses for convolution reverbs or Nebula. It isn’t. It is a chain of many steps and any breaking in it means that the whole chain fails. I have made a flow chart to show you the signal path. The Amps are but one Thirteenth of the sum of the parts as IRs and one nineteenth of a Nebula Preset!!!!! Crazy I know. But signal paths are the bedrock of the recording industry. DOWNLOAD THE 1080p FULL RES VERSION HERE


8 Microphone positions were employed with each microphone recording a mono signal only ( Although I used matched pairs of mics I used them as mono inputs.). Most Amps were recorded in three tonal landscapes. Flat, bright and warm although that is not a rule. Most libraries with the exception of the  600 ( Two perspectives ) Have all three perspectives – giving you 24 different tones per amp to experiment with and in some cases 32.

Good microphones, preamps and conversion were employed to give you a vast array of different hues and colours. You may find that you do not require any eq except for correction of recorded source material. If there is too much depth you can always use the amps on a send and mix to taste or lower the wet level in Reaper.

I used the same setup for both the bass amps and guitar amps. This Guitar CHAIN is a superlative chain  starting with great signals to go through the 13 stage chain to result in the recorded files before treatment. These recordings are no different to a normal recording session except for the fact that they are an audio photograph of the whole signal chain.

Earthworks QTC50 ( Matched pair ) into Broadhurst gardens BG1. 5cm and 15 cm from cab.

Earthworks M-50 into GML 8302. 40 cm from cab.

Nady RSM6 into Tube MP. 25 cm from cab.

SM57 into Safesound P1. 5 cm from cab.

Josephson C42 ( Matched pair ) into GML 8302. 25 and 40 cm from cab.

Neumann KM184 into BAE 1073. 4 cm from cab.

This sampling is part of the ULTRA High Resolution IRs Series Provided in MONO

64 bit 384 khz AND 32 bit – 384 khz, 192 khz, 176.4 khz, 96 khz 88.2 khz, 48 khz and

44.1 khz.

27 emulations are included with many mic positions.

List of AMP MODEL Emulations






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