Iridas Speedgrade Preset Pack – 3D Luts / Looks for Cineform Firstlight FREE!


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These work with CS6 in Photoshop. They can really come in useful in giving photos a nice film like feel.


View the Marcie gallery soon to see what they look like – Here

I made these years ago as an experiment and long before Adobe decided to buy Iridas Speedgrade tools. Anyway these are presented as is with no expectation or warranty……. use em to your hearts content and if they do something for your footage perhaps pass by in the future and make a small donation. You are here because you know what Look files can do for your photos and video footage. Provided here are 301 ( 64 X 64 X 64 ) 3D luts ( Looks ) to add to your arsenal of tools as an immediate download. These presets were designed to work with Cineform First light but will also work with Adobe Photoshop CS6. Please note that in most cases the saturation will need to be turned down if your footage is REC 709 or your photos are 8 bit and contrasty. You can also use the curve tool to deal with an overly contrasty image. These were made with LOW contrast reference files from a camera that shoots LOG so understand that you will NOT get satisfactory results if your footage is high contrast.  Some of the presets do not work and have anomolies. I will not be updating them or fixing them as this was a project I did many years ago and am not really involved in it anymore.  These won’t turn your film or video into a blockbuster but will get you close to having more creative options that the big guys play with. To install them for Cineform Firstlight then simply double click on the ones you wish to instal.You may want to instal the less exotic ones like the film emulations.


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