All you can EAT Q-clone Presets



Part of the proceeds of this work support my chosen charity,this is an orphanage that I am the patron of in my native Zimbabwe.
Here is a silly parody song I cooked up in an afternoon.HA HA!!!


All my Q-clone presets made over the years. About 3 gigabytes of audio goodness unpacked. This is what started my foray into the world of sampling. Tonnes of great tones from stuff around my studio mainly.

Neve , GML, API, Microphones, Amps amd much more to add to your mixing arsenal.

In my quest to provide high quality tones, I would hope it is not lost on anyone that a tonne of work goes into making the presets. Here is a small hint at how many stages there are in creating a Q-clone preset. DOWNLOAD A LARGE VERSION HERE



AFTER PURCHASE INSTRUCTIONS – what happens next – You have one purchasing option – Paypal . Once we get your order I will go about fulfilling it and you should get your product in the mail in good time usually within three days. For any issues, don’t hesitate to get in touch on my support e-mail sales ( at )





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