Been hard at work

Okay guys. I have finally decided to come back to work after a long hiatus. It’s been an interesting time to say the least. I have had to reconsider¬†direction in the whole sampling world. Got jaded basically. I have decided to mellow down as many changes are coming in our lives including moving to a foreign land soon. At least it is foreign to me. So I cannot really say what comes next from me in the sampling world in the longer term to be fair. But look out here in the coming months and there may be something to look at or not. If there is something it will be breaking boundaries as usual if I re-capture my passion.

Anyway, there are lots of pages on the site so it can be easy to miss stuff. I decided to abandon individual products altogether as the admin is a nightmare with little amounts for many small purchases – so they are gone. Only new products will start out as individual versions. This makes the site a whole lot better to navigate now. However I do have a¬†backlog of stuff to get through. My next product in the pipeline is my very own Helios Lustraphone channel strip that has been sitting on the backburner for a while. Coming soon… watch this space

I will also begin adding tutorials over the coming months to show you how much work goes into creating presets and also how you can get the most out of them, especially the nebula stuff because there is tonne of stuff under the hood!!! Here is an example of a 19 stage signal path to create a simple guitar FX chain. LARGE CHAIN

When I placed most of the products into bundles the manuals for most were left out of the final products. individual products had them but the manuals alone were about a gigabyte for Nebuila stuff alone so I decided to shelve them. I will however bring them back online as a free download for those who wish to have them. It is a 1.07 Gigabyte download though and I will not host it on Amazon due to bandwidth restrictions.